Operation Progress LA | Support & Safety
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support & safety pillar

Operation Progress is unique in its long-term programming that spans across a child’s development and over the course of many years. Our long-term model allows Operation Progress to build relationships with Scholars and parents while creating stable and consistent support systems that aid in their positive growth, development, and grit. Through our Safety and Support Pillar, we provide a safety net of support through committed LAPD and civilian mentors, parents, and staff.


  • LAPD Mentorship
  • Young Professional Mentorship (YPM) Program
  • Parenting Classes & Workshops


  • Youth develop constructive interpersonal skills, autonomy, positive mental health, self-confidence, and satisfaction with social support
  • Improved behavior changes in interpersonal skills and relationships, self-control and academic achievement
  • Reduced problem behaviors such as drug use, aggressive behavior, and truancy
  • This mixture of support and safety empowers and encourages our youth to reach their maximum potential throughout their duration in the program
  • Improve Police-Community Relations

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