Operation Progress LA | Pillars
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our pillars

The overarching goal of the 5 Pillars of Success is that our Scholars build character, social competency, leadership skills, and emotional intelligence, and that they graduate from college life-ready. Side by side with the long-term commitment of parents, Scholars, and organizations, Operation Progress is able to ensure fundamental educational opportunities, a sense of community, resiliency, safety, security, trust and life learning.

program goals

Boy attending an OPLA Event

To build character, social competency, leadership skills and emotional intelligence enabling Scholars to be well-rounded adults.


To provide Scholars’ with educational opportunities that adequately prepare them for collegiate or technical education upon graduation from high school.


To incorporate LAPD mentorship in the Scholar’s journey, to provide them with a sustainable role model, promote safety, and foster a change of perception between law enforcement and the community.

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