Operation Progress LA | Summer Bridge
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Summer Bridge

Operation Progress operates a Summer Bridge program, a 4-week academic and educational summer enrichment program for OP Scholars to play, learn, think, and grow outside of the traditional school years and walls. This 4-week program, consisting of 2-weeks of academic and educational enrichment  and 10 days, 9 nights at Camp Bob Waldorf, aims to broaden Scholars’ horizons, promote healthy habits, and offer a wide variety of learning experiences that help with a young person’s academic and life skills.

Did you know…

Ways to Give:

Play Level ($100)

Covers the cost for one OP Scholar to attend 9 nights, 10 days at Camp Bob Waldorf sleepaway camp.

Think Level ($75) 

100 hours of academic enrichment for one Scholar.

Learn Level ($50)

Summer supplies for all academic and educational enrichment programs for one Scholar

Grow Level ($25)

Breakfast and lunch for one week during Summer Bridge for one Scholar.

Success Level ($260)

Covers the cost of one Scholar for the entire summer + a t-shirt for them to wear during!

All Summer Bridge Donors of $25+ will receive a student-designed postcard!


Thank You To Our 2019 Summer Bridge Donors:

Sarah Shute, The Little Catholic LLC, Suzette Clover, Jeffrey and Susan Reiner, Brent Wiblin, Benedetta Flebus, Stuart Farber, Elyse Koenig, Samuel Garrison, Marcell Lennon, Steve Johnston, Meredith Curry, Teresa Varela


With special thanks to Pacific Premier Bank for the grant of $2,500!