Operation Progress LA | Donations
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With a one-time donation, you can provide our OP Scholars with a range of beneficial items and opportunities. These donations are geared toward individuals who want to make a swift, impactful donation to our organization.

School Supplies ($50)

For each $50 donation, you provide one Scholar with pens, pencils, binders, notebooks, and more for the school year.

Uniforms ($165)

For each $165 donation, you give one OP Scholar a formal uniform set for the school year.

Lunch ($200)

For each $200 donation, you fund a lunch for a group of scholars while they meet with their academic case manager.

Books ($225)

For each $225 donation, you gift one high school scholar a set of school books for the year.

College Baskets ($200+)

Help seniors settle into their dorm rooms by covering those initial costs of moving into a dorm.