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Equestrian Program

Junior Leadership Committee

Junior Committee Member Katie


Hi! I’m Katie. I’m a junior at Polytechnic School. I love reading and am a complete nerd. I’ve watched the Horse Project grow up (my brother, Alec, led the Junior Committee before me) and I’m so excited to get more involved in such an amazing program. I’m looking forward to another awesome year!

Junior Committee Member Alex


Hi! My name is Alex and I’m a Junior at Flintridge Prep school in La Cañada. In my free time, I like to play softball and watch great movies with my family and friends. Seeing the impact of the Equestrian Program is so meaningful and I would love to see it thrive. I’m so excited to work with Operation Progress!

Junior Committee Member Thomas


Hi, I’m Thomas and I am a junior at Taft Charter High School. I love riding horses with my family. I am excited to support this amazing program that provides so many kids with the opportunity to enjoy riding. I am excited to join Operation Progress, build strong friendships, and have a great year!

Junior Committee Member Ella


Hi! My name is Ella and I’m a junior at Flintridge Prep. My hobbies are ceramics, drawing, and painting. I have always loved animals and am very excited to be working with the Horse Project at Operation Progress. I can’t wait to work with everyone!

Junior Committee Member Max


Hi, I’m Max and I am a junior at Flintridge Preparatory School in La Cañada. I’m a triplet, Star Wars fan, golfer and car enthusiast. I am excited to be a part of the Horse Project at Operation Progress and make an impact.

Junior Committee Member Annie


Hi! My name is Annie and I am currently a junior at Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy. I am super excited to be a part of the Horse Project and Operation Progress and can’t wait to start volunteering. I absolutely love being around animals and am looking forward to seeing others experience the joy that horses bring!

Junior Committee Member Peyton


My name is Peyton. I am 12 years old and I ride on the Compton Junior Equestrians team out of the Shelburne Farms Equestrian Center in the heart of horse country, Hidden Valley, California. I try to train at least three times a week on my new horse, “Hollywood” Union Soldier. I have joined the Operation Progress LA because I think it’s an amazing opportunity to help others in a sport I truly love!

Loran OP Horse Project


I’m Loran and I’m a freshman at Stanford University. I adore both riding horses and hanging out with kids, so there’s nothing more fulfilling to me than helping with OP’s Equestrian Program. It’s been incredibly impactful on my own life, and I hope to pay that forward to everyone involved—the scholars, volunteers, donors, and everyone else who has a hand in making this incredible program happen! I can’t wait to continue working with the OP community.

What is the “Horse Project”?

OP’s Equestrian Program is amazing. A unique and rewarding blend of volunteers and Scholars who share a love for horses and community, the Equestrian Program changes the lives of participants and volunteers alike. But the Equestrian Program costs money and OP does not have the budget to support it. We really like the Equestrian Program, so we decided we would try to raise the money needed to keep it going. That is our commitment. We are calling our effort the “Horse Project.”

Who are we?

We are high school students who volunteer at and fundraise for Operation Progress’ Equestrian Program. We have had a blast working with and getting to know the OP Scholar/equestrians, who are terrific group of scholars with some impressive equestrian skills. We call ourselves the Junior Leadership Committee.

Equestrian Program
Team work

What are we going to do?

Our goal is to raise $50,000 so that OP can offer more scholars an opportunity to participate in the program. We will track our progress on this page. Our parents have made substantial contributions, so we are on our way! Second, we will volunteer as many Saturday afternoons as we are able. We have the best time with the horses and the scholars! Third, we are going to figure out new ways to enrich the program and help any way we can. We have ideas and look forward to working on them with the scholars and other volunteers.

Please help!

We have a long way to go but are confident that with support of our classmates, family, and friends, we will reach our goals. We are grateful for any support you can give. To donate now, please click on the button below. We appreciate every donation in every amount.

2023 Donors
Thank you to Whittier Trust for their $10,000 sponsorship of the equestrian program!

We are so grateful for your support of the Equestrian Program. Your gift provides a special program that truly makes an impact in the Scholars lives.

Thank you all!


Dave & Monica Walsh


Janice Burrill, Ryan Aubry


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