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Equestrian Program

Junior Leadership Committee

Horse Project Lily Burrill


Hi, I’m Lily and I am a Freshman at the University of California, Santa Barbara. I am so honored to be the Chair of the Junior Leadership Committee. I have enjoyed my 3 years of volunteering with OP and I cherish every moment I get to spend with the Scholars. I want to make sure the program continues because it makes a positive impact for me and the Operation Progress community.

Loran OP Horse Project


I’m Loran and I’m a Junior at Flintridge Prep in La Cañada. I love riding horses with my family. The Equestrian Program is so beneficial, not only for the Scholars, but everyone involved. It would be tragic if the program lost funding, so the Junior Leadership Committee is dedicated to its preservation. I can’t wait to work more with the program!

Horse Project Kate Parry


Hi! My name is Kate and I’m a Senior at Mayfield Senior School. I love horses and they have always been a big part of my life. I have grown up around them, showed, and trained in jumping. Volunteering and helping others has always been important to me. OP has allowed me to bring these two passions together in a wonderful way. I can’t wait for an amazing and fun year!



Hi! I’m Katie. I’m a Freshman at Polytechnic School. I love to ride horses (I have a buckskin mare called Bella Luna) and am really excited to be part of the Horse Project at Operation Progress. I have a great time hanging out with and getting to know the OP Scholars each Saturday. I am learning a lot and making new friends!



Hi, my name is Kaylin and I am Freshman at Polytechnic School. I am an avid fiction reader and a complete nerd. I am thrilled to be part of the Horse Project at Operation Progress! I love animals and hanging out with my friends. I learn so much from Operation Progress!

Horse Project Audrey Tomlin


Hello. My name is Audrey. I am a Freshman at Polytechnic School. In my free time, I like to draw and read. I am so glad to be a part of the Horse Project at Operation Progress! I find the scholars’ stories so powerful, and I love to see the impact that the Horse Project has on them. I have really enjoyed volunteering at OP and look forward to continuing!

Horse Project Zoe Boul


Hi! I’m Zoë Boul and I’m a Senior at Valley International Prep High School. I have been riding horses for 13 years and I have been volunteering at OP for 7 years. I compete in rodeo through the CHSRA (California High School Rodeo Association) where I get to barrel race, pole bend, travel and compete with my horse Parker or “Fit to Race” all around California. OP’s mission is groundbreaking. Luckily, I have been able to experience it since I was 9 years old. The friends that I have made and continue to make through OP have taught me more about life and horses than I will ever be able to teach them. I cannot wait to experience the magic of OP for years to come!

Horse Project Alec Walsh


Hi! I’m Alec, and I’m a Sophomore at Stanford University. My family is pretty heavily involved in horses, so my sister, Katie, and I grew up riding. I was enthralled when I found Operation Progress’ Equestrian Program and readily became a volunteer (Katie volunteers, too). I was incredibly disappointed to learn that the program lacked funding and would shut down. I have seen the impact that the Equestrian Program has and would like to make sure that it continues to make a difference in people’s lives – scholars, volunteers, police officer-mentors – including my own. I hope you will join us!

What is the “Horse Project”?

OP’s Equestrian Program is amazing. A unique and rewarding blend of volunteers and Scholars who share a love for horses and community, the Equestrian Program changes the lives of participants and volunteers alike. But the Equestrian Program costs money and OP does not have the budget to support it. We really like the Equestrian Program, so we decided we would try to raise the money needed to keep it going. That is our commitment. We are calling our effort the “Horse Project.”

Who are we?

We are six kids who volunteer at Operation Progress’ Equestrian Program: Alec W.(18 years old), Loran (16) Katie W.(13), Audrey T.(13), Kaylin Y.(13), and Lily B.(17). We have had a blast working with and getting to know the OP Scholar/equestrians—who are terrific group of young people with some impressive equestrian skills. We call ourselves the Junior Leadership Committee. We have included information about some of us above.

Equestrian Program
Team work

What are we going to do?

First, we need to raise $28,500 in 12 months—because that is what the Equestrian Program costs—but our goal this year is to raise $60,000 so more scholars can participate in the program. We will track our progress on this page. Our parents have made substantial contributions. So we are on our way! Second, we will volunteer as many Saturday afternoons as we are able. We have the best time with the horses and the scholars! Third, we are going to figure out new ways to enrich the program and help out any way we can. We already have a bunch of ideas and look forward to working on them with the scholars and other volunteers.

Please help!

We have a long way to go but are confident that with support of our classmates, family, and friends, we will reach our goals. We are grateful for any support you can give. To donate now, please click on the button below. We appreciate every donation in every amount.

2019 Donors
Thank you to Whittier Trust for their $10,000 sponsorship of the equestrian program!

We are so grateful for your support of the Equestrian Program. Your gift provides a special program that truly makes an impact in the Scholars lives.

Thank you all!


Alec and Katie Walsh; Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program; Richard Bridgford; Bice Passavant Foundation; Ryan and Sonia Yagura; Eleanor Mercado; Mrs. and Mr. Charles Gaffney; Janice Burrill; Edmund and Mary Shea Family Foundation


Carrie Walker; Suzette Clover; Valerie Elise E. Bigelow; Barbara and Patrick Hines; Susan and John Lamb; Purvi Patel; Karen and Rick Walker; Ken Mueller; Harold Parker; Barbara Roach; Richard Lord; Jay Schuminsky; Bill Ahmanson; Margaret and Marc Kenny; James & Sandra Kawahito; Tom and Nancy Buck; Catherine and Becca Cadogan; G. Cresswell Templeton, III; John and Allison Byrne; Patricia and Dick Lowry; Michael Maloney; Judith Baxter; Michael & Dounia Turrill; Ryan Aubry; Elaine Lu and Jonathan Tomlin; Brian Flynn; Wendy Ray and Michael Felmar; Christianne and Charles Kerns; Paul Tosetti; Neal Collier; Beong-Soo Kim and Bonnie Wongtrakool; Warren and Kathy Wimmer; Laurie Hasencamp; Paul Sanner; Julie Withers and Alan Goedde


Patrick Walsh; Matthew Cave and Cristyn Chadwick; John and Mary Ulin; Cynthia and Ronald Olah; Margaret and Paul Grossman; Nancy Baxter; Richard and Sharon Ardoin; Peter McAniff; Bianca Howitt; The Turknette Family; Charmayne Gentry; Peter and Joanne Osinoff; Charles Miller; Ronald and Tina Koch; Karin and William Amour; Tiffany and Marc Harris; Marea Kelly Trtee

Special Supporters

Beth Bootzin; Olivia Gutierrez-Romero; Margaret Jordan; Maria Pocapalia; Alex Gaffney; Charles Callanan