Operation Progress LA | Deputy Sheriff Hoist – May’s Mentor of the Month
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Deputy Sheriff Hoist – May’s Mentor of the Month

Los Angeles Sheriff Deputy Brian Hoist has been at LASD for 7 years, currently working at the Century Sheriff Station, and is new to mentoring at Operation Progress this year. He mentors Fredy in the 4th grade at St. Lawrence. He is extremely involved with Fredy’s life, creating lasting relationships with his family and taking him on fun outings. When asked about what inspired him to mentor, Hoist said, “I believe that positively impacting the youth at a young age can lead to positive change in the world.” He challenges Fredy to work hard at school, especially in his hardest subject, math, and constantly reminds him that his dreams of are within reach if he puts the effort in. Hoist wants to “encourage other mentors to continue dedicating their time to these bright students. With OP, mentors can lay the foundation into positively changing families’ future generations.” Thank you Deputy Hoist for your dedication and advocacy of our program!