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  • Student Spotlight: Petra

    Student Spotlight: Petra

    Petra Avelar is a bright, spunky 7th grader at St. Lawrence who is in her second year with OP. Her sister, Destiny, is also an OP scholar. She lives with Destiny, their mother, and their brother in Nickerson Gardens Housing Development. Before participating in OP, Petra was a part of the Urban Compass program, and recommended as a student by

  • Student Spotlight: Daneli

    Student Spotlight: Daneli

    Daneli may seem shy at first, but sitting down to have a conversation with her, you can see why she is made to be an OP scholar. Daneli is a 7th grader at St. Lawrence and lives in Imperial Housing Development with her mother and sister, Siaris, who is also an OP student. She was introduced to OP last year through two

  • Student Spotlight: Robert

    Student Spotlight: Robert

    Robert Turner is a prime example of how students can quickly grow and change if they are given the opportunity to succeed. Within the last year we have seen Robert evolve from a tough kid who was too cool for school, to one that truly cares about his education and will even flash his bright smile from time to time. Robert

  • Welcome Back Lunch Photo Gallery

    Welcome Back Lunch Photo Gallery

    Our OP family took a trip up the Grove yesterday for a movie, a meal, and some much needed time together!! This event was our kickoff for the new school year, and a wonderful opportunity to have some responsibility-free fun before our scholars get back to work! They certainly deserve it!!!

    A special thanks to the entire Caruso Affiliated team for making this event so perfect! Their warmth and professionalism certainly made an enormous impression on our students, and they will not soon forget how well they were treated and all of the fun that they had!!!

  • Student Spotlight: Daisy

    Student Spotlight: Daisy

    Simply put, Daisy epitomizes what it means to be an OP Scholar, and what our organization stands for. Daisy is currently a 5th grader at St. Lawrence, living near Nickerson Gardens with her parents and three siblings, but she came into contact with OP well before that. Daisy was identified by LAPD officers as a student that had great potential

  • Student Spotlight: Ricardo

    Student Spotlight: Ricardo

    Ricardo is a 3rd grader at St. Lawrence who lives with his mother and older brother in the Nickerson Gardens Housing Development. While Ricardo may initially come off as shy, he quickly warms up to those around him and wins them over with his infectious smile. Ricardo is extremely intelligent and hardworking, which has translated into academic success at St.

  • Mentors Making a Difference

    Bret Nielsen, Senior VP of Leasing and Asset Management at Caruso Affiliated, was introduced to Operation Progress in 2013 and quickly took interest in having a larger role with the organization and our scholars. As a result of his desire to give back we paired him with Tionne Tisdale, a 9th grader at St. John Bosco with an affinity for academics and basketball.

  • Student Spotlight: Chris

    Student Spotlight: Chris

    Chris is a 6th grader at St. Lawrence and has been an OP Scholar since 2012. Even at such a young age, Chris is already impressing many with his intellect and academic accomplishments. Over the past two years he has been able to maintain a 3.9+ GPA every semester. Outside of the classroom Chris is a crucial member of the St. Lawrence

  • Student Spotlight: Meah

    Meah is in the 6th grade at St. Lawrence. Currently she lives in Nickerson Gardens Housing Development with her father and grandmother. Her bright smile and positive attitude have helped her succeed socially, academically and athletically. Meah’s father has had an incredible influence on her as one of the most influential leaders in Nickerson Gardens. Mr. Watson himself stayed out of

  • Caruso Foundation to Support Watts Educational Initiative

    The family foundation of billionaire Los Angeles retail developer Rick Caruso and his wife Tina on Wednesday will announce a multi-million commitment to an educational program in the Watts section of Los Angeles. Los Angeles Business Journal – November 5, 2013 By Deborah Crowe The Caruso Family Foundation initiative will be coordinated through Operation Progress, a non-profit program aiding at-risk

  • Foundation pledges $5 million for Watts social, educational programs

    Foundation pledges $5 million for Watts social, educational programs

    The Caruso Family Foundation has pledged $5 million to provide tutors, mentors and scholarships to children living in Watts. Los Angeles Times – November 5, 2013 By James Rainey Mall developer and political mover Rick Caruso pledged $5 million Wednesday to expand an “ecosystem” of social and educational programs in Watts, with the goal of helping 200 young people break out

  • Operation Progress LA

    November 1, 2013 Operation Progress, or “OP,” was founded by LAPD officers in the Southeast Division who work with the city’s most at-risk youth in the South Central Los Angeles community of Watts. As a team, these officers are dedicated to empowering youth through personal mentoring and scholarship assistance. OP has grown into a “network of opportunity,” guiding students through

  • Officer Prefers Sending Youths to College, Not Jail.

    The LAPD’s John Coughlin saw violence and hopelessness while on patrol. So he decided to save some lives. Los Angeles Times – November 25, 2001 By Hector Becerra For a police officer working the “p.m. shift” in Southeast Los Angeles, the night can cause a kind of amnesia, making the cop forget, more than at other times, that good people