Operation Progress LA | The Young Professional Mentorship (YPM) Program
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The Young Professional Mentorship (YPM) Program

Are you interested in making a huge impact in one of our Scholar’s lives? Operation Progress carefully pairs our Scholars with passionate volunteers who act as positive and consistent role models for that Scholar. Volunteer mentors commit to checking in with the Scholar every month regarding their academics, behavior, and enrichment opportunities. Our mentors also spend time with their mentee exposing them to an array of experiences like hiking, cooking, horseback riding, and sporting events. They additionally participate in planned monthly outings organized by our organization. Our mentors are screened for several personal and professional characteristics and provide an extra layer of support to the Scholars who really need it!

how to get involved

1. Fill out our volunteer form and say you want to become a YPM mentor!

2. A volunteer coordinator will reach out and help you schedule an in-person orientation that will cover all mentor program basics as well as application requirements.

3. Submit your application and we will select a mentee that’s a perfect match!

4. Once matched, a volunteer coordinator will set up a meet and greet with your mentee and their family.

5. Attend your first YPM Event and begin to support your new mentee!

6. Begin mentoring on your own by checking in with your mentee each month and setting up your own mentoring activities.