Operation Progress LA | Summer Bridge
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Summer Bridge

Operation Progress is launching Summer Bridge, a 4-week academic and educational summer enrichment program for OP Scholars to play, learn, think, and grow outside of the traditional school years and walls. This 4-week program, consisting of 2-weeks of academic and educational enrichment  and 10 days, 9 nights at Camp Bob Waldorf, aims to broaden Scholars’ horizons, promote healthy habits, and offer a wide variety of learning experiences that help with a young person’s academic and life skills.

Did you know…

We have a goal to fundraise $10,000 by the beginning of Summer Bridge, July 1st, in order to cover all of the costs of our Scholars participating in this program. 

Ways to Give:

Play Level ($100)

Covers the cost for one OP Scholar to attend 9 nights, 10 days at Camp Bob Waldorf sleepaway camp.

Think Level ($75) 

100 hours of academic enrichment for one Scholar.

Learn Level ($50)

Summer supplies for all academic and educational enrichment programs for one Scholar

Grow Level ($25)

Breakfast and lunch for one week during Summer Bridge for one Scholar.

Success Level ($260)

Covers the cost of one Scholar for the entire summer + a t-shirt for them to wear during!

All Summer Bridge Donors of $25+ will receive a student-designed postcard!