Operation Progress LA | Health & Wellness
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Health & Wellness Pillar

Through our Health and Wellness Pillar, we employ a variety of programming that promotes healthy lifestyle choices and active extracurricular activities. Youth are educated on health and wellness topics to promote healthful habits and increase knowledge about what it means to be physically and mentally healthy.


  • Athletics
  • Nutrition
  • Mindfulness
  • LAPD Clubs


  • Youth learn specific age-appropriate health conscientious habits that include both diet and exercise
  • Promotes responsible social behaviors, confidence in one’s physical abilities, and appreciation of personal mental health and fitness
  • Good health leads to strong cognitive skills, positive attitudes, academic concentration, and better overall classroom and extra-curricular performance and behavior

OP is proud to partner with Destinations for Teens whose goal is to be of service to teens in need by providing compassionate, individualized pathways to obtaining therapeutic support and comprehensive educational services. Destinations provides premiere teen treatment designed to support the whole family throughout their healing journey.

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