Volunteer Opportunities in The 10 Pillars of Success

Operation Progress volunteer opportunities are wide-ranging and can be adapted to fit your interests and abilities.
They are organized within the 10 Pillars of Success, a program created ensure that our students graduate as well-rounded members of society ready to face the challenges of college and the professional world.


Tutor student grades 3-12 after school in a multitude of subjects.


Assist with our after-school arts classes; teaching, supervising and guiding students as they work to gain a better appreciation and understanding of art.

Chaperone trips to art museums and other art-related cultural events.


Mentor students as they participate in school-associated athletic teams, or help start up your own community team.

Chaperone trips to OP’s weekend horse riding program

Thriving Skills

Guide students as they address issues in their lives, helping to ensure that they react in a healthy and positive way.


Assist in teaching about moral behavior and open the eyes of our students to other cultures and points of view.

Chaperone trips to cultural event, religious institutions and other planned events.

LAPD Mentoring

Join the LAPD mentors and do some mentoring of your own. We are always looking for individuals who can help support students and check in with them about school, sports and their home lives.

Long-term Commitment

Be a consistent resource and ally who students can call upon in good and bad times.

Parental Support

Teach or help out in our parenting classes.

Provide resources for our parents, such as clothing and household items.

Service Work

Help students find meaningful service work in the community, or provide them with an avenue to help them complete this important pillar.

Skills Training

Advise and assist as students search for, and carry out, summer jobs and internships. Stepping into the professional world is not always easy and all support is beneficial.

Host a high school summer intern at your office.

We are looking for enthusiastic individuals who want to be there for our scholars,
as a valuable resource they can call upon when life gets tough.

You can volunteer in one or all of the pillars, and give an hour, a day or a week at a time.

  • Must be 18 or older.
  • Must be willing to make a long-term commitment. While we are extremely flexible and respect the various other commitments of our volunteers, we know that it takes time over the long run to truly impact the lives of our students.
  • Must be fingerprinted (we can help you with this).
Have an idea of how you can help that you don’t see listed above?
Be sure to contact us. We are more than willing to discuss your ideas about how to improve the lives of our students.