Creating Hope. Providing Opportunity. Promoting Success.

The mission of Operation Progress is to empower underserved youth to become educated, capable, ethical and productive people who will in turn lead, mentor and contribute to society at large. To do this, we guarantee our commitment to supporting students from elementary throughout college through our comprehensive program called – Ten Pillars of Success: Academics, Arts, Athletics, Coping Skills, Ethics, Long-term Commitment, Mentoring, Parent Involvement, Service Work and Skills Training.

“I know crystal clear that the real situation is that the good kids are absolute prisoners in their own houses,” said Tim Pearce, an OP board member and retired LAPD gang officer. “But if you get the kids young, then point them in the right direction, that’s time well spent– that’s why I was a cop in Watts. That’s where they need us.”

What’s new

  • Student Spotlight: Petra

    Student Spotlight: Petra

    Petra Avelar is a bright, spunky 7th grader at St. Lawrence who is in her second year with OP. Her sister, Destiny, is also an OP scholar. She lives with Destiny, their mother, and their brother in Nickerson Gardens Housing Development. Before participating in OP, Petra was a part...

  • Student Spotlight: Daneli

    Student Spotlight: Daneli

    Daneli may seem shy at first, but sitting down to have a conversation with her, you can see why she is made to be an OP scholar. Daneli is a 7th grader at St. Lawrence and lives in Imperial Housing Development with her mother and sister, Siaris, who is also...

  • Student Spotlight: Robert

    Student Spotlight: Robert

    Robert Turner is a prime example of how students can quickly grow and change if they are given the opportunity to succeed. Within the last year we have seen Robert evolve from a tough kid who was too cool for school, to one that truly cares about his education and...

  • Welcome Back Lunch Photo Gallery

    Welcome Back Lunch Photo Gallery

    Our OP family took a trip up the Grove yesterday for a movie, a meal, and some much needed time together!! This event was our kickoff for the new school year, and a wonderful opportunity to have some responsibility-free fun before our scholars get back to work! They certainly…


Ten Pillars

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    Through our Academics Pillar, students grow into knowledgeable and critical thinkers, develop and perfect effective study strategies, make academics a key priority, minimally achieve a 3.0 GPA through high school, then attend and graduate from college or technical school, career-ready.



    Through our Art Pillar, Operation Progress offers art education which benefits youth in several developmental areas including motor skills, language development, decision-making, visual learning, inventiveness, cultural awareness, and academics.



    Our Health and Wellness programming promotes healthy lifestyle choices, social development, confidence, skill building, accountability, and responsibility.

  • pillars-4

    Thriving Skills

    Our youth are provided with tools to best cope with adversity in their home and personal lives. Our Thriving Skills Pillar helps to develop constructive interpersonal skills, autonomy, positive mental health, self-confidence, and satisfaction with social support


    The Ethics

    Our Ethics and Civic Engagement Pillar allows our students to develop critical thinking skills in order to make ethical life choices.


    The LAPD Mentoring

    Our LAPD Mentors support youth academically and behaviorally, and empower and encourage them to reach their maximum potential.

  • pillars-7

    The Long-term Commitment

    Long-term commitment allows our scholars to work persistently toward their goals and maintain effort and interest over a long period of time despite failure, adversity, and plateaus in their progress and journey.


    The Parental Support

    The Parental Involvement Pillar seeks to encourage parental involvement in many forms including good parenting in the home and providing a stable environment.


    The Service Work

    Service work allows our students to get involved with new things and develop technical, social, and academic skills that may not be learned in a classroom environment.

  • pillars-10

    The Skills Training

    Through our Skills Training pillar, our youth learn professional etiquette, accountability, responsibility, leadership, and communication skills in order to best “brand” themselves as they apply for college and seek employment.





The ultimate goal of Operation Progress is
to create hope, opportunity and success for
the city’s most disadvantaged kids.





You can help support Operation Progress through monthly online giving, participating in our fundraising efforts or joining us at special events.